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Kedirong obtains Dalian " award of enterprise of innovation of optimal science a
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Award of company of 2007 year star announced Dalian city new and high district recently, kedirong obtains Dalian " award of enterprise of innovation of optimal science and technology " . This is afterwards after having the honor to win plan of new product of 2007 nations emphasis and national torch to plan, cody obtains special honour again.

Award of enterprise of innovation of optimal science and technology represented the top level of research and development of science and technology of area of new and high garden. Current selection lock is decided " innovation " , than before administrative levels taller, dimensions bigger, content is richer. Its innovation sex according to the project, advanced sex and in domestic and international influence degree, professional level, choose garden area the crackajack delegate of enterprise of innovation of optimal science and technology.

Dalian Cody is home's banner switch and transmission product supplier, devote oneself to to satisfy the product of its demand, service and solution to what the client offers innovation, create long-term value and potential growth for the client. School of key of as much as home place has cooperative research and development, gathered rich and generous technology inside information, at the same time for demand of user of farther press close to, with partial home authority television compose has custom-built development with reaching famous manufacturer domestic and internationally, make technical innovation reflects real value.

Dalian the capacity that Cody has innovating around client demand to promote continuously, hold to not less than sales revenue for a long time the research and development of 15% is devoted, insist to throw research and development 20% use at grinding beforehand, undertake study continually and dogging to new technology, new field.

About area of Dalian city new and high garden: First national level that established via Chinese government approval in March 1991 is new and high area of technical industry garden, also be Dalian city open to the outside world the forerunner area, demonstrative division that science and technology starts city. The domestic and international numerous and well-known company that gathered to include Dell, IBM, HP to wait inside inside garden area.

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