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Dalian Cody matrix obtains wholesale business to use again in video conference s
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Dalian Cody won the bid recently system of conference of video of Beijing industrial and commercial management board, 14 substation will use its subordinate in the round Cody matrix.

As management capital market supervises governmental orgnaization of management, build what change metropolitan position photograph to suit with capital country for compose, specialization, the industrial and commercial administration of digitlization system, cogent and effective promotion informatization efficiency manages, beijing industrial and commercial bureau takes video conference system seriously quite.

Purchase system of requirement video conference this must can offer tall clarity of audio high fidelity and video. Extremely tall to requirement of product function, quality, must achieve international advanced level. Beijing industrial and commercial bureau checks strictly to prepare with test and verify in the course, after pair of this tests with much manufacturer and test and verify, final decision uses Kediduoge in the round type matrix. Won the bid this to show technical actual strength of Cody and the influence in market of our country industry adequately, also consolidated further at the same time Cody the lead position in matrix domain.

Cody regards industry as banner switch and transmission product supplier, insist every year to throw not less than income the technical research and development of 10% . Up to now, already successful development gives 18 series a variety of 1500 norms products, it is home is the most dedicated " matrix expert " . The product applies Cody successfully already at the national priority discipline such as procuratorate of general office of the State Council, top people and bird's nest, the service exceeds 5000 users domestic and internationally.

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