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Electron of the silent that overcome Lai rolls out Summitview compositive contro
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Overcome the Summitview that Lai silent electron rolls outTMSystem is one is a classroom only, groom hall of room, report is compositive the comprehensive and simple solution that rolls out with control, be installed easily and use. Can satisfy projector to install all sorts of demand inside limits, include wall flashboard, controller, amplifier, loudhailer, cable. Pass Summitview, everything what the user can get place of compositive media system needs high end, need to add monitor and letter source only can. All signal are transmitted through CAT-5, the system can pass network control.

SV-301/E SummitviewTM Data of computer graph video, DDC and stereo frequency wall are inserted
SV-301 is one is used at computer graph video, DDC (data shows a passage) the wall flashboard that reachs stereo frequency signal. This unit is the one part of the solution between Summitview media, can be signal changeover join of signal of double skeining thread to come SV-551 processor / controller. Interface is 15Pin HD and stereo 3.5mm before, interface is 2RJ-45 after (use at AV all the way, use additionally at DDC data all the way) . Power source furnishs through CAT5 cable by SV-551.
Roll out at the same time still include SV-302/E SummitviewTMFrequency of compound video, stereo and IR wall are inserted, frequency of SV-303/E SummitviewTMs-Vedio, stereo and IR wall are inserted, frequency of video of SV-304/E SummitviewTM heft, S/PDIF and IR wall are inserted, frequency of video of SV-304/E SummitviewTM heft, stereo and IR wall are inserted.

SV-551 SummitviewTMProcessor / switch implement / main control implement
SV-551 SummitviewTMIt is the processor that is used at frequency, video and infra-red signal / switch implement. This are unit but from amount to 5 SummitviewTM wall to insert accept signal of double skeining thread, changeover and enlarge frequency input are outputted to balance stereo loudhailer, changeover video outputs projector for common video format. The input includes to come from 8 RJ-45 that 5 walls insert: 3 computers graph or heft video, 3 DDC, 2 compound video or S-Vedio, and the wiring case that is used at assisting frequency to input all the way. Output includes 15Pin-HD (use at computer graph video) , 3 RCA (use at heft video) , 2 RCA (add up to video with Yu Fu) , 4-Pin (use at S-Vedio) and wiring box (use at balancing stereo loudhailer) .
RC-62/E SummitviewTM compatible wall inserts controller

RC-62 is the controller of 6 pushbutton room that is used at multimedia room. This unit can serve as alone controller already, yi Ke regards SummitviewTM as one part of the system, control frequency part, video part and other room equipment are like lamplight and screen.
RC-63 is a controller of 6 pushbutton room that is used at multimedia room, still have a volume to control knob.
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