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Locationfree of transmission combination of wireless image sound evaluates Suo N
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● preface

As standard of living rise, science and technology can become more and more develop, the technology is more and more advanced, like be just like liquid crystal TV to replace CRT TV, and signal is transmitted, also meet gradually from wired turn into wireless. Sound of wireless and high-definition image transmits the sex of a concept that Suo Ni receives before long before equipment, this product is called Locationfree, model is LF-W1BR.

This product is in the news briefing of spring of Suo Ni China Feburary is medium this year appear formally, but mysterious veil was not opened by cut all the time, the character that main reason may depend on this product and technology are done not have by open very well. Actually everybody has a dream about him future family, what everybody hopes the new home that allows his runs is more fashionable and good, take simple for, when decorating most the problem that letting what poll aches believe is wiring, because had done this only, ability lets will establish domestic movie theater to look neat henceforth, won't appear the circumstance of cable imbroglio.

If you fear is the function of the product, so you do not miss today's content certainly.

Exceed strong! Wireless image sound transmits Suo Ni combination pursues first admire
Emitter of Suo Ni Location Free and receiver

The utility of Location Free of this Suo Ni is very simple, let wired equipment become namely wireless transmit, be just like terminal of a signal, although at present similar product also has a few, but the low picture that keeps in mark Qing Dynasty only is transmitted character, each respects do not have decretal person satisfaction, this also is the problem that the meeting after Suo Ni Location Free appears on the market is oppugned easily.

Exceed strong! Wireless image sound transmits Suo Ni combination pursues first admire
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