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Grand rolling out switch of KVMP of double interface of new fund PS/2 and USB im
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Grand switch of much computer of the port frame of new fund 8 / 16 that automatic science and technology announced to roll out double interface of supportive PS/2 and USB a few days ago KVMP implement, farther aggrandizement banner leaves product line of Master View series. CS1708A and CS1716A can manage respectively 8 reach 16 connective server, port of USB of face plate of the supportive capacity that its have double interface, front can share mechanism of safety of password of peripheral equipment, double deck easily, and the innovation technology such as superexcellent augment ability. In addition, string together additionally through chrysanthemum catenary means receive switch of 31 KVM much computer implement, the person that can let use carries management to amount to through singular control 256 or 512 servers.

Reach switch of much computer of CS1716A PS/2-USB KVMP as CS1708A implement come out, ATEN shows his to change the newest KVM technology of the advantage such as augment in cost effectiveness, economic space and flexibility, synthesis of complete accord with is long model the demand of medium and small businesses. The double interface function of CS1708A and CS1716A is supportable the server that deploys PS/2 or USB clavier and mouse and control end, these two products support more cross platform operating system, include Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux, Mac, reach Sun; In addition, CS1708A and CS1716A at front face plate all built-in an USB port, each receive the server of CS1708A or CS1716A repeatedly, all can access peripheral equipment of connective of place of this USB port easily by turns.

The person that CS1708A and CS1716A can let use parts to manage directly through singular control end 8 or 16 servers, if be strung together again additionally with chrysanthemum catenary means,receive 31 CS1708A or 1716A, can carry management to amount to from singular control 256 or 512 servers. Below the framework that strings in chrysanthemum catenary, switch of much computer of these two KVMP™ implement all can diagnose unit position automatically and show the LED at front face plate to go up. And the broadcast mode that passes through CS1708A and 1716A, the person that use but synchronism is right all or the server that chooses half relays operation directive; In addition, still but the switch of KVM much computer that catenary of chrysanthemum of by means of strings together wiring synchronism to be all stringing implement undertake body of pliable but strong is updated.

Grand Zhang Ziji of manager of department of promotion of sale of automatic science and technology expresses: "CS1708A and CS1716A had superexcellent augment ability and the flexibility that support double port to change join function, because answer,be industry organization the optimal choice of IT growing demand. These two products also offer simple and easy and pragmatic management way, before the person that use still can be passed through easily, key-press of upright face plate, heat bolts or OSD screen chooses sheet to choose a server to manage in order to undertake, do not need completely to install any software; CS1708A and CS1716A also support heat to insert unplug, do not need to shut power source can increase at any time or move except the server, ensure of the computer room efficient run. Ensure of the computer room efficient run..
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