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Electron of Shanghai gold Can is rolled out mix model switch matrix
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A VGA and an AV matrix need to add up to in the project the function that two equipment realize, an equipment came true now, development of electron of Shanghai gold Can went VGA AV to mix model switch matrix, at present 4*4, 8*8, 16*4, 16*8 waits mix model matrix, this kind is tasted can combine switch output arbitrarily, convenient freely.

For example:

1, output of only way VGA
2, output of only way VIDEO
3, output of only way AUDIO
4, VGA AV mixes output
5, VGA AUDIO mixes output
6, VGA VIDEO mixes output
6, VIDEO AUDIO mixes output

Product characteristic:

1, reduce cost
2, energy-saving reduce cost
3, economic installation space
4, lower fault rate
5, convenient safeguard

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