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Heart dispatch rolls out series LCD
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Heart dispatch rolls out the product of series of LCD KVM console of brand of new fund DATCENT recently, this product arrives from exterior performance side, with before console of heart dispatch LCD KVM has very big difference.

The console of Datcent LCD KVM of new fund is comprised by the product of 7 model such as DS1500, DS1508K, DS1508KL, DS1700, DS1708K, DS1708KL, DS1716KL. From the cent on size of indication screen dimension, can divide for 15 ' and 17 ' two sort; From the cent on the function, can divide for three-in-one (clavier, mouse and LCD display screen) with 4 syncretic (indication screen of clavier, mouse, LCD and KVM switch implement) two sort.

LCD KVM console uses fold type design, can install the 1U in industrial standard, 19 ' in machine ark, save machine ark space; Equipment installation is fast and simple, need to receive cable corresponding port to go up repeatedly only, beardless software configuration, nonexistent complex installation process or compatibility problem; Back kind of interface of PS/2, USB, support much hardware platform and much operating system, control and can operate computer of a much even station through console, and do not need to configure a mouse, clavier and monitor for every computer, it is you thereby managing more spaces and investment.

To data center, computer room, test lab and network operate a center to wait have much station computer, and need the environment of managing space for, it is good choice.

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