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Be based on sheet piece the switch of video monitoring matrix of machine impleme
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1 foreword

The respect waits in control of major event, retail field, traffic, need to undertake video monitoring. The existence in video supervisory system distributings to contradict with what center monitoring more, do not suit to use man-to-man surveillance. Man-to-man surveillance namely a camera is corresponding a monitor, such monitoring room volume are huge, investment is high. Use a pair of much monitoring commonly, namely camera of much stage of correspondence of a monitor, with enough little surveillant device realizes monitoring many a little bit, such video switch control equipment to have all in all place in supervisory system. In video switch control, matrix switch application is very wide.

2 video matrix switch principle

Control of video matrix switch inputs multichannel signal random to choose all the way or multichannel is outputted respectively all the way or multichannel shows equipment, use at dimensions in older supervisory system. It can observe image optionally, appoint on some monitor output shows. There is the output choice of multichannel below the circumstance that multichannel video inputs, form matrix structure, namely each output can input signal with what differ " short receive " , every output can put through only some road input, dan Mou is inputted all the way but (at the same time) put through different output, if pursue 1.

In the graph " · " express some region output and some road input to be linked together, if output 4 with the input 3 be linked together, that is to say the 3 inputs signal that 4 output output right now. Want to undertake likely switch chooses only, can come true to carry multichannel signal the either passageway in outputting a passageway to go up from input passageway switch, and each other become independent between output passageway, also allocate at undertaking video signal switch is mixed.

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