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Agreement of communication of VGA matrix RS-232 reachs guideline of control code
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VGA matrix system offers RS-232 communication port, the user can consult the following communication agreement and control code, write corresponding control software by oneself, or when using tripartite to control a system to control VGA matrix system, the tripartite that will install place to use by the following communication agreement and control code controls systematic communication parameter.

Overview of function of the command that string together a mouth

This system shares 9 commands, basically include the function of following a few respects:
1. passageway is installed
2. is read take current the switch condition of each passageway
3. is read take a system to configure parameter

(1) . Switch implement support 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 6 kinds of baud lead 34800 Bit/s, baud rate is optional also can adopt remote controller set surely. Serial data format is:
10bit mode, among them 8 data, a start bit, 1 stops, without desired result.
(2) . Switch implement when leave factory, address set is 1, baud leads set to be 9600 Bit/s. Switch implement the superstratum software of form a complete set can work to be led at before 4 kinds of baud medium any a kind, but the address must agree.

96H(1) , address (2) , command (3) , length (4) , A1H(5) , data 1, ... data N(6) , 00H

Explain: 1).96H byte states frame is initiative, h expresses " 96 " for 16 into make number, 96H is equivalent to 10 into 150 what make number;
2) . The address expresses the address of equipment, can install in equipment, the address of equipment and software must agree
3) . Command byte expresses this jussive function
4) . Length byte is equal to from this byte in the future (do not include this byte) , to desired result byte (include) of desired result byte, includes byte several;
5) . This command is command of video switch series,
6) . Data paragraph (data 1, ... data N) represents share of this jussive data, every command each are not identical, explain in detail later.

Read take switch position

Action: Read take output passageway Out? , out? , out? ... current condition In? , in? , in? ... , it is OK to read extraction channel to count every time random.

Format: 96H, devAddr, 02H, length (Length) , a1H, out? , out? , out? ... , desired result.

Explain: (1) Out? State the user wants to read extraction output passageway order, with number (0 - N-1) shows actual passageway sign respectively (1 - N) ; With the Out in front? The sense is same, in? The status that outputs a passageway is assigned before expressing, with the WIn in the first command? data pattern is different, besides with low outside expressing to input a passageway, in? following plan institute show exalted Enable() state this passageway allow allows output, 1 express to allow, 0 express not to allow.
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