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Matrix of Korea INNEX multimedia applies at airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge
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Shanghai yuan limited company of science and technology of road information system regards area of China of matrix of Korea INNEX multimedia as total representative and technical service center carry on successfully again this project project.

Product of matrix of Korea INNEX multimedia won the client's reliance with outstanding character, perfect service again and again. Equipment of INNEX RGB matrix, AV matrix is below applying on assembly room of multimedia of airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge.

Korea MDT group regards a professional research and development as the company, had developed products of a lot of industry of high-tech news news report, be like multimedia matrix switch implement, the product such as converter of frequency of alloter, signal. MDT group with " MAX V " : The greatest effort, highest technology, maximum production, most sale, first-class service is a target, try hard for domain of communication of information of base oneself upon, personnel of the research and development in this company staff is occupied 15% , technical personnel is occupied 70% . At present the INNEX matrix product below MDT group division already made one of lead products of professional A/V industry.

System of matrix of major of Korea INNEX series is had in course of study of person of the same trade quite tall famous degree, be in short-term inside have particular market to have rate. INNEX series product, be applied to all trades and professions, if multimedia report teachs assembly room of department, multimedia, public broadcasting, media to reveal,wait for a circumstance, the client includes orgnaization of universities and colleges, government, army, broadcasting television, communal medium, professional acoustics to wait.

Company of Korea MDT group is already successful in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, chinese mainland and other places sets a branch or the delegate is in. Shanghai yuan limited company of system of information of road science and technology always acts as agent for area of China of Korea INNEX matrix.

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