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Creator matrix switch implement application uses program at directing a center
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Day praise limited company of science and technology (CREATOR CORPORATION (CHINA)) held water 1997, it is to specialization intelligence is controlled kind high-tech research and development and production are hypostatic. CREATOR controls a product with developing the intelligence of AV industry, hold processor of graph of equipment of interface of matrix of intelligent artifacts, professional AV/RGB, umbriferous joining together, conference to discuss intelligent artifacts of system, household to give priority to.

Creator matrix switch implement apply extensively at classroom of center of multimedia assembly room, command, multimedia report, assembly room, commerce to reveal wait for big screen to show an industry, the application that two models are below uses program at directing a center.

Project name: Administration of traffic of some city intelligence directs room of direct of central leading cadre

Systematic description: Administration of traffic of some city intelligence directs central director room, basically touch screen with wireless ST-6500C wired LTX1200C touchs screen to regard control as terminal, lead plane accuses to regard control as core in CR-PGMII, touch screen and LTX1200C to touch screen to realize the circumstance of all control functions and surveillant direct room with ST-6500C, ST-6500C touchs screen to basically be operated inside direct room; LTX1200C touchs screen to be put in the operation in the computer room; Among them in accused control to include; the switch of all sorts of signal, the control of dynamoelectric curtain, umbriferous hanger is controlled; Television of machine of infra-red control DVD, monitoring, video conference lead plane; 232 strings of mouth control 3 AB are photographed like fast ball; The lamplight that controller of power source of; of unripe projector of general of a love controls this assembly room and photograph the switch power supply that resembles a head, projector and machine ark equipment to wait for power supply; This assembly room can pass implementation of each speech conference system to photograph dog like the head function; Etc...

Equipment detailed list: Leader accuses in CR-PGMII
CR-ST6500C is wireless touch screen
CR-LTX1200C is wired touch screen
CR-AV1604 matrix
CR-VGA1604 matrix
CR-M3101 conference lead plane
CR-M3104C1 speech is unit
Controller of CR-CRPWR-8 power source
CR-V1012 intelligence fast ball
CR-VOL sound control fader
Terminal of long-range video conference
Hard disk videocorder
12 sound console
Pressure be restricted implement
Result put
Sound box

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