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Jinan gold amounts to Lai electron signal to handle a product to apply mediumly
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Project setting:

The signal such as machine of much stage table, jotter is inputted, much stage shows equipment, have the big screen joining together of 4X2 among them.

The device that the project uses:

  • 16 matrix of × of × 16B of VGA 32 of branch of Inner Mongolia of Chinese oil head office, AV 32 each one;
  • Shandong saves land tax bureau: 16 matrix of × of 16B of VGA 32 × , AV 32 each one;
  • Bureau of Linyi land tax: VGA 32 × 32, 16 matrix of AV 16 × each one;
  • System of joining together of Shanghai big screen: Matrix of 16B of VGA 32 × ;

Executive time:

1, bureau of tax of Shandong province land in July 2007
2, branch of Inner Mongolia of Chinese oil head office in December 2007
3, system of joining together of Shanghai big screen in June 2007
4, bureau of Linyi land tax in August 2007

Use effect analysis:

The result that obtains after the project is final gets the client's very favorable opinion, the result of transmission image and joining together is very clear.

Project case product pursues:

Project case effect pursues:

Company brief introduction

Jinan gold amounts to limited company of Lai electron technology (institute of much screen personal computer) it is the enterprise of civilian battalion high-tech that relies on Shandong university to found. Own development, own development, it is we come ten years changeless belief. Sincere letter is this, cheap of qualitative actor price is the purpose that we serve a client. Hold to own development, dovish manage be our enterprise to live law. The company founds ten years to come, supply the computer peripheral equipment of tens of thousands of for system of our country post and telecommunications, aviation, irrigation works, war industry, traffic, education, metallurgy, medical treatment, the product exports abroad. The accord that enthusiastic and the product of cheap of price of advanced and masterly technology, qualitative actor, considerate service won broad user reputably. The client of faithful stability group, it is the company grows fill unabated fountainhead.

Much screen personal computer studies so computer video is handled, remote image is transmitted for special skill, the service uses a field at our country computer. The company is developed ten years independently developed 5 old series the product of a few norms.

Switch of one VGA matrix implement it is institute of much screen personal computer one of computer video equipment that design research and development independently. Have the different specifications such as 4X4, 8X8, 16X16, 32X16, 32X32, 64X16. Transmit what be used at VGA video signal without lack fidelity exchange. Apply extensively at all sorts of multimedia conference systems, attemper in command system.
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