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Large matrix is used in the project in the problem that should note
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Large matrix all is used those who unite is modular design, its advantage includes: Change to go to the lavatory with maintenance; Input / output combination is agile; Input / output a movement in martial arts easily augment, can protect early days to invest; To video heft or frequency stereo system, need to repeat original inside story only achievable build. This kind of advanced design means is used for numerous company place, the product also is applied by a lot of large projects.

Large matrix serves as full stage commonly or of many computer rooms attemper center, input signal source is much, the likelihood has the cable of a variety of model and line means, if receive all sorts of cable matrix to go up directly, installation will be very no-go, also go against defend the change with signal. For this, ab extra signal but via inspecting, frequency turns receive board accept a system.

Because matrix is,attemper center, once damage, a lot of computer rooms can suffer an effect, because this is in,matrix input and output end are set jump line board, regard a kind of lash-up as measure, can receive through jumping by hand undertake signature is spent temporarily.

Be in the voltage between the computer room to eliminate ab extra signal and matrix, should choose to take commonly in all alloter of modular low-key video regards the allocation of matrix input end as equipment. Additional, input signal turns receive board also should use suspension to turn receive.

Always accuse a computer room to should deploy the XY that has top priority Control Panel, other computer room needs to deploy BPS Control Panel only. Matrix job status and each computer room attemper the computer room that the circumstance attempers by responsible government matrix (it is to be in commonly always accuse a computer room) surveillant, and but by XY Control Panel is intervened. To not in all the computer room of the ground, BPS Control Panel should use suspension means installation.

Large inspect frequency matrix to all use power supply of double power source, reliability is higher, but the working indicator light that often still should check power source pattern plate to go up. Matrix is additionally medium mothball batteries invalidation often discovers not easily, must want to add an attention more.

Accessory equipment passes the matrix such as Control Panel and state monitor commonly specific bus line and lead plane are linked together, should notice its are the biggest when application the space has certain restriction, still should notice to be received eventually additionally.

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