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Product of whole set of case fragrance HDMI applies mediumly in project project
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As HDMI gain ground gradually, more and more HDMI products are used in the project project such as domestic movie theater and digital cinema, regard HDMI as the domain get the person that run, american case fragrance the company uses his advanced actual strength research and development the whole set product of HDMI, a few kinds introduce simply below: 1HDMI lengthens equipment:

(1) HDMI double skeining thread is lengthened implement transmit HDMI 66 meters through CAT-5e (2) HDMI super amplifier is OK repair transmits the digital signal that is apart from far place bring damply

2HDMI allocates amplifier: HDMI allocation amplifier is those road or 1 2 HDMI number same time sent high-definition signal and frequency signal to offer perfect solution to the demand of many monitor. The input can join at the same time source of two high-definition signal, defend galaxy all and HD DVD to put for example machine. The HDTV resolution that obtains 1080p easily and 1920 × the computer of 1200 resolution

3HDMI matrix switch implement switch of matrix of     HDMI implement perfect compositive source of high-definition video signal and multichannel show multichannel, through the person that infra-red remote controller is many rooms occasional the high-definition system of many places offerred first-rate behind the curtain to dominate program. The HDTV resolution of supportive 1080p and 1920 × the computer of 1200 differentiates

As high-definition TV gain ground gradually, believe to be inside very short time, beside advanced HDMI equipment also can popularize common common people gradually, its form can appear in the use process that carries a box on the head to wait high-definition establishment a moment in the your domestic movie theater, number cinema beside or the machine that are high-definition TV.

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