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String together an utility in big screen system and definition
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Current, the communication between majority machine still uses serial news report, in big screen system, the projector that uses, matrix, medium control a system when all sorts of equipment are used almost string together a mouth to have news report, the content of their communication is control information, state information more. So, it is the basic technical ability of the engineering personnel such as project of umbriferous project, multimedia assembly room to stringing together buccal understanding.

RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 are standard of serial data interface, it is at first by electronic industry association (EIA) formulate releases, RS-232 was released 1962, name for EIA-232-E, regard industry as the standard, taste in order to assure different plant family property between compatible. RS-422 develops by RS-232 and come, it puts forward to make up for the inadequacy of RS-232. To improve RS-232 communication is apart from the defect with short, low rate, RS-422 defined communication interface of a kind of balance, raise transmission rate 10Mb/s, transmission distance lengthens 4000 feet (rate under 100kb/s when) , allow to balance the join on bus line in most 10 receiver. RS-422 is a kind of stand-alone is sent, the one-way, balance that much chance receives transmits a standard, name TIA/EIA -422-A standard. For patulous application limits, EIA established RS-485 standard on RS-422 foundation 1983 again, increased capacity of much dot, two-way communication, allow many transmitter to join namely same on bus line, the drive capacity that increased transmitter at the same time and conflict protection are characteristic, expanded bus line in all modular limits, name after for TIA/EIA-485-A standard. The proposal level that raises as a result of EIA is with " RS " as prefix, be in so newsletter industry domain, still be used to make afore-mentioned standards prepositive title with RS.

The performance data of RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 expresses:





Working way

Chan Duan

Need branch

Need branch

Node is counted

1 close, 1 hair

1 hair 10 close

1 hair 32 close

Length of the biggest transmission cable




The oldest transmission rate




The biggest drive outputs voltage

/ - 25V

- 0.25V ~ 6V

- 7V ~ 12V
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